Why choose Aquafilling?



Aquafilling is able to restore the natural beauty on each woman who wishes to always look youthful and beautiful.

How you can regain your natural beauty with Aquafilling?

  • Aquafilling®is a hydrophilic gel, which consists of 98% of 0,9% physiologic solution of sodium chloride and 2% of polyamide. With years the skin loses its water balance and it starts to wrinkle.
  • Aquafilling®gel prevents the skin from water loss and restores the skin hydration.
  • Aquafilling®is a hydrophilic and water soluble gel. It provides a natural look and there are no fragmentations, formation of stiff fibrous capsules, or migrations of the gel.


The unique formula of Aquafilling® gel is a soft tissue dermal filler which interacts in the best way with the inner medium of a human organism and the intercellular substance of the skin dermal layer which physiologic compatibility with a human body.


Is Aquafilling safe for you?

  • 98% of Aquafilling®composition is made up of a natural substance – physiologic solution of sodium chloride.
  • Aquafilling®is completely safe for a human organism. There is no migration of the gel, no fragmentation or formation of stiff fibrous capsules, no inflammations and infiltrations within the zone of injection.
  • Aquafilling®gel does not provoke a cancer or any deformities.
  • Aquafilling®slightly reveals acid properties which creates a highly hostile environment for pathogenic microflora development.
  • Such side effects as redness and swelling often observed while injecting a hyaluronic acid dermal filler are very rarely observed after Aquafilling®gel injection.


                       LONG-LASTING EFFECT

Can you imagine that the effectiveness of a dermal filler is more than 3 years? Aquafilling® has made a real breach in aesthetic medicine.

How Aquafilling gives you the long-lasting effect?

  • Aquafilling®is a hydrophilic gel as 98% of its composition is made up of  0,9% physiologic solution of sodium chloride. It is a natural substance of a human organism and the gel is biocompatible with the human tissues.
  • Aquafilling®degrades slowly and the results are fantastic. In the face areas they last to more than three years.
  • The effectiveness of Aquafilling® depends on the strength of the treatment, the dosage and the physical status of a woman.




Aquafilling® has changed all stereotypes concerning dermal fillers. Unique formula of Aquafilling® and its biocompatibility with a human organism let a doctor achieve fantastic results!

In case of Aquafilling® breast augmentation the effect lasts more than five years and face areas last more than three years.

If you use Aquafilling® in your practice a woman will visit you much rarely and as a result she will save her time & money and will stay satisfied with the amazing results of breast enhancement without surgery.



                                  OTHER BENEFITS


Aquafilling® is determined as a highly elastic gel. Thanks to the unique formula of Aquafilling® and its ability to attract the molecules of collagen and elastin.

This high elasticity lets a doctor use thin needles and does not require preliminary anesthesia of the injection site if it concerns face areas. Gel easily flows into the skin and a woman does not feel any pain. After the procedure she can return to her normal social and business life – there is no recovery time.

In case of Aquafilling® breast augmentation the injections are performed under local infiltration anaesthesia with anaesthetics. Aesthetic breast surgery makes your breast better!

Compatibility with other dermal fillers

Aquafilling® is a water soluble gel, which is compatible with other dermal fillers injected previously.

Compatibility with other dermal fillers is explained by the unique formula of Aquafilling®. 98% of its composition is made up of 0,9% physiologic solution of sodium chloride, which is a natural substance for a human organism and does not provoke any rejection of the gel.

Aquafilling® can be administered in one anatomical area in case of insufficient or step-by-step correction.

There is no any migration of the gel, fragmentations or formation of stiff fibrous capsules, no inflammations or infiltrations within the zone of injection.

Aquafilling® is a natural gel, which is compatible with a human organism and other dermal fillers.