Technology of AQUAfilling

Aquafilling is a soft tissue filler, manufactured in accordance with the original Aquafilling technology.


The technology of Aquafilling gel production, based on the synethetic polyamide of spatial structure tied with hydrogen links. The last ones have an important influence on the statement & properties of polymer molecules. Thanks to this structure, Aquafilling gel is highly compatible with human tissues.

Parallel polymer of a greater number of active carbonic groups give positive change to the polymer molecule, thus providing high hydrophilicity and water solubility.

Hydrophilic Gel

Aquafilling is a hydrophilic gel that creates the depot of physiological 0.9% sodium chloride solution embodied in a 3 dimensional spatial molecular structure of linear polyamide based on the multiple hydrogen links between carbonic and amino groups.

Aquafilling gives you a natural look with a long lasting effect & without any side effects. Aquafilling is compatible with other dermal fillers, so it can be administered at one anatomical area in case of insufficient or step by step correction.