Buttock Augmentation

Aquafilling® is a new injectable long-lasting soft tissue filler which consists of physiological solution of sodium chloride (98%) and synthetic polyamide (2%). It is biocompatible hydrogel and, like prosthesis or fat graft, adds volume simply by occupying space within the buttock tissue. The advantages of Aquafilling® are in its high physiology adaptability due to its content of 98% of physiological solution in the filler; it posses expressed plasticity owing the spatial structure. And it is characterized with retention of good long-term clinical results and the lowest level of local adverse reactions.


The main reasons why people request buttock augmentation are as follows: to regain shape lost by aging, to increase attractiveness and to correct some defects. The most frequent indications for plastic procedure are: “thin” buttocks, disproportions of buttock soft tissue, buttock irregularity after different surgical interferences (liposuction) or asymmetry.


Before the procedure of buttock augmentation a patient receives local anesthesia in the injection area.

The main point of aesthetic contouring procedure consists of introduction of Aquafilling® gel to the special buttocks areas according to accepted anatomical structures. To perform buttock augmentation Aquafilling® is injected in subfascial plane and partially into major gluteus muscle, mainly in superolateral and mediolateral areas of both buttocks, using a multi-tunneling technique similar to that used for fat grafting. The volumizing filler is injected through thin cannula with a blunt tip in the amount of 100-250 ml at the symmetric fields.

For correction of any kind of irregularities and depression on buttocks surface, the filler is injected into the deep subcutaneous fat tissue with G-14 needle in the amount of 50-100 ml in every area to be corrected.


Buttock enhancement with hydrophilic gel offers several advantages over other forms of buttock augmentation. The duration of Aquafilling® buttock contouring is two times shorter compared with the surgical buttock prosthesis. No other method can produce such a dramatic change in buttock shape so simply and quickly and with so little discomfort. Injection treatment generally is a less complicated procedure than implant insertion surgery. Although the hydrophilic gel degrades over time, a good proportion of patients still rate their buttocks as improved and expressed satisfaction with the results during 2-3 years after treatment. The possible exclusion criteria for the buttock contouring can be active skin disease, tumors in the area to be treated, scar tissue, excessive skin laxity, previous liposuction or other surgical procedures in the area performed less than 6 months.


Although the mini-invasive procedure of buttock reshaping is executed actually painless, mild discomfort is resolved within 7 days. The patients are advised to avoid strenuous activity, including constant pressure in the treated area, for a 2- to 3-week period after the initial treatment. To avoid constant pressure in the injected area, the subjects are recommended to be careful when sitting upright and to avoid putting pressure on the injected areas.


Performing gluteal reshaping procedures for many years, it should be stated that Aquafilling® buttock contouring technique is very useful for creating normal-sized, well-projected, uplifted buttocks. Our patients are pleased with the outcome of buttock reshaping, which provides a youthful and appealing form to a woman`s body. No serious adverse events related to Aquafilling® gel are reported.

Buttock contouring before & after treatment with Aquafilling® gel



The soft tissue filler Aquafilling® is the agent of choice for the aesthetic buttock contouring. Aquafilling® demonstrates the highest clinical efficiency and sufficient safety in the aesthetic plastic of buttocks.

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