Heliocare Cream SPF 50

An extreme facial protection cream that know your skin well!

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Heliocare Cream SPF 50


Heliocare Cream SPF50 provides extreme facial protection for normal to dry skin types. It is an excellent cosmeticity, leaving no unwanted white residues. As well as water resistant and non-comedogenic. It comes with 3 types of protective shields: 1. Phytobiological filters - Fernblock® & Green Tea, 2. Organic (physical) filters - Z-cote HP- 1, Nanox 200 (Ultrafine Zinc Oxide) & Eusolex T2000 (Micronized Titanium Dioxide), 3. Inorganic (chemical) filters - Eusolex OCR & Parsol MCX & Eusolex 6300.

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