Aquafilling is a hydrophilic dermal filler that provides a natural look and beauty. It applies under the following indications:

  • Correction of small & large wrinkles
  • Rendering volume to various facial segments (lips, jaws, nose etc)
  • Correction of post traumatic consequences and inner scars
  • Correction of cartilaginous and bone shapes (nose, chin, cheek bones etc)



Wrinkles smoothing includes the following:

  1.  Forehead
  2. Glabella
  3. Infraorbital region
  4. Nasolabial wrinkles
  5. Malar wrinkles
  6. Jaw wrinkles
  7. Bitterness wrinkles
  8. Wrinkles around lips
  9. Smile lines

10. Perioral lines

Volumatic Filing

Volumatic filling includes the following:

  • Nose enhancement
  • Cheeks contouring
  • Cheek bone contouring
  • Jawline contouring
  • Chin augmentation


  1. Breast

  • Breast enhancement without surgery & improvement of breast shape
  • Asymmetry of the breast tissues
  • Deformities of the breast tissues
  • Mammary aplasia
  • Hypomastia
  • Hypomastia accompanied by glandulous, skin and combined type one to two mastoptosis.
  1. Buttock

  • Various buttock irregularity
  • Postoperative deformatis
  • Congenital buttocks disproportions
  • ‘Thin’ buttocks
  • Buttocks asymmetry