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With the gradual depletion of the ozone layer, there has been growing concerns about the level of ultraviolet radiation that reaches the earth and the increase in the incidence of sun related diseases such as hyperpigmentation, photoaging and skin cancer.

To provide optimal protection against short and long term sun damage caused by UVA and UVB rays, a combination of topical sunscreen and oral sun protection is essential. Effective agents with photoprotectant activity are therefore needed.
Renowned scientists from Harvard Medical School, including Dr Thomas B. Fitzpatrick, known as the “Father of Modern Dermatology”, had investigated and discovered a natural agent with photoprotection property – the extract of an unique type of fern known as Polypodium Leucotomos.
Polypodium Leucotomos extract (PLE or Fernblock®) has traditionally been used in Central and South America for the treatment of different inflammatory skin diseases. Studies done on PLE have shown it to possess a range of benefits that include reduction in hyperpigmentation, skin firming effect which helps to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and slows down aging of the skin.
Endowed with beneficial properties of PLE, Heliocare range of products has the ability to provide superior sun protection for you.










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