Nature’s gift for skin regeneration

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Endocare range of products are based on one of the most powerful natural sources of skin regeneration.

SCA Biorepair Technology
SCA Biorepair Technology stimulates natural skin regeneration
and repair mechanism through:

Fibroblast proliferation
• Stimulates the growth of fibroblast, a type of cell that
produces fibres such as collagen, elastin and ground
substances that helps to firm the skin and improves the
appearance of wrinkles and fine lines
• Fibroblast plays a definitive role in the healing of wounds,
shortening the recovery time after an aesthetic procedure
• Mature fibroblasts treated with SCA achieve almost the same
replication capacity and functionality as younger fibroblast

Regenerating activity
• Accumulation of polysaccharides and fibrous proteins
that provides structural support and regulate cells
communication, which are important for wound healing and
tissue growth, speeding up the down time after an aesthetic
• Slows down the process of skin aging
• Regulated movement, elasticity and flexibility of skin
• Reduces depth of wrinkles by up to 30%
Anti-inflammatory & Collagenase activity1
• Degrading and replacing denatured collagen in the skin
• Reduce the inflammatory effects caused by denatured
proteins in aging skin, and external stress factors
• Tensing effect of the skin, providing anti-gravity strength that
makes the skin firmer and look younger

Anti-oxidant activity
• Quenches free radicals and prevents your skin from
overproduction of melanin, thus lightening and protect
against hyperpigmentation

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